Monday, May 19, 2008

Pops in the Park

We went to Pops in the Park Friday night and had a great time. We ended up running into our neighbors so we stood around with them for a little bit. Sophia thought it was great that she was getting to eat dinner outside and play on the playground again. The middle school and high school bands were really good and Sophia's favorite for two years running is the drum line. :) She really shook a tail feather when they started playing. I've added a video of her further down. You can see the tail end of her dancing and then she just stands there watching. This seems to be her new thing. We pick up the camera and she stops what she is doing. :) It was a wonderful night though and Sophia was in hog heaven getting to say hi and bye to everyone who passed. :)

Sophia eating watermelon and grilled cheese in the park.

The neighbors dog maggie. Sophia loves this dog and will stand at the front door looking for her. :)

I caught her mid twirl

Phil chillin in the stroller. We didn't bring a blanket because we knew Sophia was going to sit still.

Video of Sophia at Pops in the Park

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