Saturday, October 25, 2008

Park Day

Last Wednesday I met my friend Kandis and her little girl Reagan at the Newnan Utilities Park. We got together so the girls could play and so Kandis and I could catch up. We haven't seen each other in awhile with her traveling and me being sick all the time. :) The girls had a good time Sophia made me go down a slide with her that was soooo wet! I got to the bottom and stood up and it looked like I had peed my pants. :) The girls played for about two hours and then they had lunch or I should say Reagan had lunch and Sophia stole some of it. I was going to pack Sophia a lunch but I couldn't find anything to put it in cooler I thought we could just make it home in time. That wasn't the case and luckily Reagan didn't have a problem sharing. :) Here are some pics from the park. :)

Reagan eating lunch and Sophia have a bite too! This is the best picture I could get of the two of them together. Toddlers are so wiggley!

Sophia crawling through a wooden tube.

Sophia and Reagan playing with some really neat bells.

Sophia wanting to climb in the castle with Reagan. :)

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