Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stone Mountain and Playing Outside!

Stone Mountain is having a pumpkin Festival this month to celebrate fall and Halloween. So last Saturday we went with our friends the Burches to check it out. I think Sophia had a good time of course her favorite thing was all of the pumpkins. I think she tried to pick up all of them at least once!! My favorite thing was getting to see her wear the candy corn dress I made for her. I think it would have worked out fine as a dress but as it turned out it was a little cool that day so I put the leggings on her anyway. It turned out really cute and she looked like a doll in it! I think I have a little tom boy on my hands though because she was fine when I but the turtle neck shirt on her and she was fine when I put the leggings on her but you would have thought I had spanked her when I put the actual dress on. She started pouting and at one point threw herself down on the bed. I couldn't help but laugh. :) She got over it pretty quick though and left the bows alone. She did manage to pull the ribbon out of her hair before I got any pictures though.

Sophia took a nap on the way home from Stone Mountain so when we did get home we had some fun family time together. She ran around outside in the backyard and played in her coupe car and rode on her red push car for a little while. I was trying to get a really good fall picture of her but that didn't really happen. It is almost impossible to get a good picture these days! Her favorite thing that afternoon was playing in her sand and water table. She was putting the sand into the water and the water in the sand and by the end there was a huge mess on our patio but she was having soooo much fun doing it. :) It was just some really nice family time and the weather was beautiful! I was able to watch Sophia and Phil playing outside while I cooked dinner and the windows and doors were open. I love fall! We've already made two pecan pies and one pumpkin pie! Here are a few pics enjoy!

What mess?! I'm not sure if you can see exactly how wet and sandy she is but we had to strip her down outside. :)

This is Sophia's new joy! Picking up dirt, straw, wood chips anything that is on the ground.

Cute picture of Sophia and Phil.

LOVED the pumpkins!

Just after taking this she ran off! Wiggly Toddlers!

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