Sunday, October 26, 2008

Avenue Trick or Treating

Okay if you can't tell I'm catching up on missed posts from the past month! I'm a slacker and I'm blaming it on being sick AGAIN! We can't seem to get better I get sick, Phil gets sick, Sophia get some wierd bug, I get sick round and round we go. :) Luckily we were all feeling good yesterday and had a great time. The sun finally decided to come out and play after staying hidden all day Friday. We went for a walk into town to check out the new construction going on and to get a bit of exercise and then we stopped by the park on the way home so Sophia could play. It was gloomy and rainy all day Friday so I made sure to take an old towel with me to the park so I could wipe down the slides for her. There is just so much water a towel can hold though! :) Sophia also wanted to go down all the stairs on her bottom and down the slides I hadn't wiped off so she still came home looking like she had wet her pants. It was okay though I just changed her fed her and put her in the bed for a nap also known as mommy's free time. YAY! :)
When she woke up Phil and I took her to the Avenue in Peachtree City to go Trick or Treating. If your not from around here the Avenue is a big outdoor shopping area. The kids get to go around from store to store and the employees hand out candy. There was also face painting, free balloons, and pictures you could have taken. Sophia really enjoyed it and liked getting to see all the other kids. She would say Hi Ya!! as we walked by. :) She got a little bit of candy that daddy promptly ate for her. We did let her have the sucker she got though so we aren't that mean. :) We went grocery shopping afterwards and then came home and fed her dinner from the BRAT menu again. :)
We went to church this morning and heard an awesome sermon from Bo and a great lesson from Thomas Cagle. Sophia did great in her class and I didn't get buzzed once. :) She also stayed in the nursery without a fuss and Suzette and Debbie said that she was their little helper. She undoubtly closed doors for them, gave them high fives, and played well with the other babies. :) I'm also in the process of planning her second birthday!!! I can't believe it wasn't I just doing this?! This year has flown by! It is going to be a Winnie the Pooh Party this year because she is obsessed with him. I was going to have it at the park because she is just as obsessed with the park..I kid you not the child must dream of the park because she wakes up in the morning asking to go. :) Thank goodness we live so close to it. Here are a few pics I hope you all have had a good weekend. We are going Trick or Treating in downtown Senoia on Wed. at 10:30 am if anyone wants to come. We are meeting at the Library. So I should have a few pics from that and then the big day is on Friday! Muh haha! :)

Picture of Sophia doing her new favorite thing Coloring!! I actually got a pretty good smile too. :

This is what we do when we run out of candy...wear the pumpkin on our head. :)

Eating her delicious sucker.

Searching for something yummy!

My cute baby girl!

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Anna said...

Such cute cute pictures! Did you make her costume? :)

Everyone here demands to be a princess for Halloween, so we're hitting up the dress up trunk. I don't even get to be creative.

We took the girls to the utilities park in Newnan when we were in town for Eric's vacation from Japan, and they LOVED it, too.

I read over here when you post, but this is the first time I've realized I can comment without an account.

Hope y'all are all on the well-train. Being sick is no fun at all!