Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat in Senoia

Wednesday of last week I took Sophia Trick or Treating in downtown Senoia. My friend Kandis and her little girl Reagan met us so we could trick or treat together. We had a good time the girls were a little whiny but they did better once we got going. The library was organizing this event and they did a great job. When we got there they were letting the kids color pumpkin pictures and then letting them stick them on brown paper bags to use when we went trick or treating. Sophia didn't want anything to do with the brown bag and got very upset anytime I tried to paste her pumpkin onto it. :) She just wanted to color the pumpkin and luckily I had brought her trick or treat pumpkin anyway. After the coloring was done one of the ladies read a halloween story and then we were off trick or treating. We went to several stores in town and they were all very generous. :) Phil got some good candy! After we were done everyone went back to the library and they had juice and halloween cookies for the kids. Sophia was starving by this time it was 11:30 so she wanted to eat everthing in sight. I got her home and made her lunch and she was much happier after that. She is pretty good when she is tired and uncomfortable but don't mess with her when she is hungry. She turns into a little beasty! :) Here are a few pics from that day.
Sophia and Reagan eating their cookies. Sophia was a 50's girl and Reagan was a lion ROAR!!

Sophia doing her favorite thing...coloring.

Okay I just thought this was to funny!!! This is after trick or treating. She was starving(note the cookie crumbs), cold(runny nose), and aggrevated I wouldn't open any more candy. :) Haha!

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