Monday, November 3, 2008

Family Links

My friend Megan was asking me the other day how I found out about activities for Sophia to do. Mostly I just go online and google whatever I'm interested in but sometimes I find out from other moms. So I thought I would post some of my favorites. Let me know if any of you know of something I'm missing out on. :)
Tiny Tunes Music Time. This is the class I take Sophia to.
This is a pumpkin patch in Newnan. They have hayrides, puppet shows, animals that the kids can pet and feed and of course pumpkins. :) It is only open to the public on certain days so check the website out.
I haven't actually been here but my MOMS Club went and said they had a good time. They said to take plenty of bug spray though.
I've found some fun local things to take Sophia to on this website.
The Avenue Shopping area in Peachtree City. They sometimes do fun events like the Trick or Treating we took Sophia too. Just go to their calendar and it will list everything coming up.
Peachtree City Library. Click on Children Services and it will give you a list of story times depending on your childs age.
Even Senoia has things going on! :) The Christmas parade is Dec. 6th this year. The parade starts at 5 and they usually have other things kids can do. They had an awesome memorial day celebration this year. That is where Sophia got to ride the ponies.
The Pottery Patio in Sharpsburg GA. Paint your own pottery kind of place. :)
Stone Mountain always has some kind of event going on. The weekend we took Sophia to the pumpkin patch they were also having a Celtic Festival. :)

That is it for now... I have a few more but can't seem to find the links for them at the moment. Take Care!

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