Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Well Sophia and I went to vote this morning. We met up with Robert, Carly and Andrew around 9:00 and walked to the senior center where we would be voting. We figured it would be easier to walk there instead of driving and trying to find somewhere to park. We left about 5 after 9 and got there around 9:45. So the walk wasn't bad and we got to enjoy the nice weather. :)

The wait wasn't as bad as we thought it was going to be. We only waited for about 2 hours which is better than some of the other places I've heard about. The kiddos did pretty well but Sophia was over the whole experience by the time it was time for me to vote. :) She kept yelling du du..which is down is Sophia language. There was a big field next to the senior center so I let her out of her stroller to run some with the other kids. She did well though for being such a busy toddler. :) Phil met us after I voted and drove us back home. He was originally coming to get Sophia and take her home but by the time he got there I was already done so I just rode with him. On the way to the senior center Sophia managed to drop one of her books but Robert and Carly found it on there way back home. :)

It has been a busy day so far but I can't wait to see what happens tonight! I know Sophia wont remember this day but I hope when she looks back at pictures she will realize that she was part of a very important day in History.

Andrew and Sophia on the way to vote!

Sophia playing in a field with a line of people in the background. That line goes all the way around the building.

This is what Sophia did while we waited...I think she is saying CHEESE! :)

This is what Andrew did while we waited. Zzzz! He woke up at the end though and decided that fussing a little might be a good idea to hurry things along. :)

I'm a Georgia Voter!!!

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