Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!! Muh haha!!

Sophia and I had a great day on Friday. It started out with her going to her Tiny Tunes class. Since her class is on a Friday and Halloween landed on a Friday this year her teacher let the kids dress up in their costumes. It was so much fun getting to see what all the kids would be for Halloween. The class was fun as usual and Sophia participated a lot. It is amazing to see Sophia now in that class as opposed to when we first started. She participates so much more and really knows the music now. She still runs around a lot but will do all the motions to the songs. She even likes to help put things away. :)

After class we came home and had lunch. Carly and baby Andrew came and visted us for a bit. We were making plans for later that night. Carly, Robert and Andrew came with us this year to go trick or treating in the neighborhood.

Later that night we all joined up and the fun began we went to several house but not all of them. We still stuck to house where we knew people would want to see Sophia and if anyone was sitting outside we would go visit them as well. Sophia had a great time and has really got this trick or treat thing down pat. She should really by now. :) She can't say trick or treat yet but she knows how to open doors. :) We would go up to houses and I would tell her to knock on the door while I rang the door bell. She would just turn the door knob and try to walk in. :) Everyone was very sweet to her and several people had little bags already made up for her. Mrs. Stewart across the street out did herself. She gave Sophia a Halloween card, stickers, and some glow in the dark bracelets. After all that Sophia stood there with her face down. I think she was pouting a little because she didn't think she was going to get any candy. When she saw the chocolate though she perked up. :) The night continued on like that and I let Sophia stay up a little later so she could see the other trick or treaters. She didn't know what to think about seeing all the kids dressed up.

Saturday night we went out to dinner with Robert, Carly and Andrew to Carrabbas. We were celebrating Robert's 25th birthday. Sophia did really well they gave her crayons and a kids menu so that kept her occuppied for most of dinner. I also brought along these placemat things that stick to the table and she can color on that as well. :) After dinner we went to Rita's they serve custard and shaved ice. You know you go somewhere to much when your child recognizes the parking lot. Sophia started yelling YAY!! YAY!!! when we pulled up. :) She doesn't care anything about the food but they have a big gated area where she can run and play and that is what she likes the most. Well October is over and now it is time to start thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year has flown by!

Sophia on her way to Wanda and Kent Stewart's house..look at that smile she knows what it coming. :) They spoil her. :)

Trick or Treat Ms. Sheri!

Looking for something to eat.

Robert with Andrew and Phil with Sophia.

Daddy and Sophia! My mom said she looks like me in this picture. I think it is the eyes..the more she smiles the more they disappear...just like mine. :)

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