Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Day!

I really feel like I don't have much luck in the months of January, February and even March some years.  I was planning to take Sophia to the Georgia Aquarium today since we don't really have anything going on and they are having a smokin good deal on tickets.  Well mother nature was having none of that and decided to snow! 

Last year in February we got tickets to take Sophia to the circus.  Sounds fun until you add an ice storm the day before the show.  Luckily, I guess, it was bad but not bad enough from keeping us from going.  Once you got out on the main roads you were pretty good.  We did still see lots of cars in ditches though.  I've just learned never to plan anything for these first few months of the year.

In actuality I probably could still go to the Aquarium.  The roads are really clear and the sun is out now. I can hear the snow melting off the house as I write this.  I just don't want to because people in Atlanta drive crazy on a good day...could you imagine what adding a little snow will do to them??  I think I will just wait until next week and pray for good weather.

Okay I think my little rant is over.  I just really am NOT a cold weather/snow person.  Sophia knows this and will tell anyone who even mentions winter to me.  She cried this morning because Phil had to go to work and between sobs said "but mommy is not a snow person, I want to play in the snow!"  I laughed a little and then told her that I loved her so much that I would go out there for her. :)

Here is the cutie laying in the snow.  I did eventually lay with wasn't so bad.

She made a snow angel.  I'm not sure if you can see it but she wanted
me to take her picture while she sat next to it.

Included this one because you can see our dog, Cleveland,
in the background.  He isn't a snow dog and prefers to stay inside
when this white stuff appears.

Thought I would leave you with something a bit warmer. 
I'm praying for spring to hurry up and get here. 
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