Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lets Bowl Tonight!

This post is long over due! We took Sophia bowling at the very beginning of January with our good friends the Nunos. We have tried bowling with Sophia one other time but it ended in a trip to the ER. Those of you who don't know she got nurse maids elbow because she was throwing a fit and I pulled on her arm...that is the short story. :) This trip was a lot more successful and we had a great time. It did take us over an hour to bowl one game though...with all the trips to the bathroom, the men wondering off for drinks, and trying to rein in the girls. It was good just to catch up though and afterwards we went to Taco Mac for good food and some more conversation.

Phil trying to help Sophia pick a ball that she could actually carry. You've got to love the neon bowling shoes in toddler size.

Alicia and Sophia thought it would be more fun to have a game of ring around the rosy...this is what I meant by rein in. :)

Whoo they had to take a break and what better place than where everyone puts their shoes.


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