Saturday, February 6, 2010

Southern Living Idea House

Senoia has been picked to have a Southern Living Idea Home!! We are so excited as I'm sure most of the town is. They are expecting 300 to 400 people a day to come and visit the idea house and therefore bring business to Senoia. Here are a few pictures of the construction taking place. These pictures don't give the buildings justice they are HUGE! They are brownstones so there are five pictured here. The Southern Living house is the one on the far right. They are each 3 and 1/2 stories high with a walkout terrace on top.

I couldn't fit them all in the first picture so here is a better look at the Southern Living House. It is already starting to come together they have siding up and some of the trim work around the top of the house.

If you would like to read more about the Senoia brownstone Southern Living Idea Home you can click here. It really is amazing what is going on in this little town. It has changed so much since we moved here in 2004.

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