Saturday, February 6, 2010

Party Season!

Well we went to Luke's Party today at Jump 2 It but a little over a week ago we went to Amber's birthday party. Sorry this post is so late but I just found the pictures. I can't keep up with the camera cards anymore. :)

Amber is a friend of Sophia's from school. She talks about her all the time along with a couple of others from school. Amber had her party at Linda's Playhouse. Linda's Playhouse is great and Sophia loves going there especially during the winter. They have tons of things for the kids to do such as dress up, tea party, a grocery store, puzzles and an arts and crafts room. The best part is that if you have the party after they close then you get the whole place to yourself! We had a great time and Amber's mom made some really cute ice cream cone cakes for the kids. I have a picture so you can see what I'm talking about they were super cute!

Daddy's little engineer!

Amber and Sophia playing with cars.

The birthday girl with her mom Kelly...they are a very sweet family.

Now tell me this isn't the cutest thing you have seen! The ice cream cone cake..not sophia eating it. :)

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