Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentines Day all Month!

Sophia and I were working on her Valentines Day cards for the Jesus Lambs Party tomorrow morning and also the cards for her party at school on Thursday. She was working so hard and looked so cute I thought I would take a few pictures. She got tired of me holding her hand and helping her spell her name on them so she went and got her crayons and started coloring in the pictures. :) At first I was like oh no but then I was like well it is cute and it is her original signature right now...she personalized them a bit. :)

Concentrating very hard. :)

These are some of the Valentines Day Cards she also got some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ones. Those are the ones she colored in.
She is very excited about Valentines Day this year. Tomorrow should be fun watching her hand them out. Happy early Valentines Day.

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