Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Day...and a little Princess

We had our first real snow today! Sophia was terribly excited I on the otherhand was more boo..hiss! :) I'm more of a warm weather girl. I love the sun, flip flops, and cool drinks on a hot day. So I've really had to suck it up today and go outside and play in the cold. It really didn't end up being that bad it is worth it to see how happy it made Sophia. She loved it, layed it and just all around couldn't get enough of it. We are suppose to be going to the circus tomorrow but I'm not sure if that is going to happen so I'm hoping we will be able to trade our tickets in for another day...I'll let you know. For now here are a couple of pictures from today. I don't think you can tell but I had her layered up something serious. :) I'm glad she didn't have to go to bathroom because it would have taken awhile to get her out of all the clothing she had on. The rain boots or wellies as Phil calls them are from several summers ago. I bought them not realizing that they were WAAAY to big for her. They still are to big but are closer to fitting now.
Here is the sweet girl in the snow.

Having a taste of the snow.

Sophia's good friend Alicia is having her third birthday party next Saturday and it is going to be a princess party. It has been all that Sophia can talk about and she has already picked out her outfit for the party. Introducing Princess Sophia:

Thank you Aunt Barbara for the pretty dress! :)

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