Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pizza Night

We decided to have pizza night Saturday night...but instead of buying a pizza we decided to make a homemade one. Luckily Publix sells pizza dough in a bag so that part was already taken care of. We have tried to make the dough ourselves before and it ended horribly and I think we had cereal that night instead. :)

We have done this one other time with Sophia and it is a lot of fun. She is old enough now where she can participate and she loves to cook. I think her favorite part is getting to put her apron on and stir things.

Here is a pic of Phil trying to get the dough out of the bag...he said this was the hardest part. Evidently it sticks to the bag.

We made two smaller pizzas instead of one big one...we don't have the countertop space for that.

I think this was Sophia's favorite part..she would put a few olives down and then eat a few...then repeat. :)
Sorry the pictures are so yellow. Phil said it has something to do with the lights in the kitchen.

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