Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Don't Take My Shoes Off!!

Sorry it has been awhile since we have written but there really hasn't been much to speak of around here. We are just trying to enjoy the weather when we can and stay inside and warm on the other days. The strange weather has been messing with my allergies though and I (Tara) haven't felt very well the last couple of days. It is so cold this morning that it has been flurring off and on. Phil is in Indiana today though and he has told me it is really really cold up there and I have other friends that live in Wisconsin that have pictures to prove it. :)

One thing that Sophia and I did do yesterday was go buy her some more shoes. She had some brown ones that we bought her back in December but her poor big toe was about to bust out of them. So off we went to Stride Rite. There shoes are a little more that what I like to spend but at least I know she is sized right and she always has a good time when we go. Yesterday her foot was measured at a 5 1/2 and the poor girl was wearing a 4 1/2 I couldn't believe how fast her foot had grown. There wasn't anyone else in the store either so she had a really good time running around thanks goodness she hasn't figured out that it is a lot of fun to pull things off shelves because she mainly just wanted to play with the toys they had available and show them how she could twirl. :) Here are the shoes we got:

This is her everyday shoe

This is the dress shoe we got for church

I had to run an errand first thing this morning so I threw some clothes on Sophia and put her new shoes on. Well I got finished quickly and we came home and I thought she would be more comfortable with her shoes off. I was sooo wrong she started fussing as soon as I touched her shoes and screamed when I took them off. She ran around the house fussing at me until I put her shoes back on. So now she is wearing her shoes while she plays. :) I'm not sure if she is just very girly and loves shoes or if it is because she has never worn shoes until the last three months or so. Either way she LOVES shoes! I know what her allowance is going to be spent on when she gets older.

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