Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sophia at the park

Since it is raining today and I can't take Sophia to the park I thought I would post some pictures of her there. I took Sophia to the park on Monday and it was just beautiful. While we were there she made a new friend. The little boy would just follow her around and watch what she was doing. Sophia would get excited when she turned around and he was standing there. After playing at the park we took a long walk into downtown Senoia. It was such a pretty day and Sophia is like her daddy...she always wants to be out. :)

She bangs on the slide when she wants you to push her down. :)

Look we have already put Sophia to work! I'm just kidding but her favorite new game is to open and close the dishwasher door. I caught her sitting on the door when it was down the other day.

Push the farmer to play the music....

Then bust a move....strange little dance but she likes it. :)

Taking my puppy for a walk. Best little toy I've bought! She used to drag around my handheld mixer until I got her this puppy. For awhile there I thought I was going to have to paint ears and eyes on my mixer. :)

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