Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our Weekend and Sophia is 14 Months Old

I hope everyone had a good weekend I can't believe it is Tuesday already. Phil and I had a great time friday night celebrating Valentines Day. We went to the Senoia Coffee Company to have dinner and it was very tasty. There was also a lady there singing love songs and she was very good. We were the youngest people there but that was fine everyone we met was very sweet. There was also a couple there celebrating their 51st wedding anniversary. Phil got me a pair of diamond earings for Valentines Day. I was shocked when I saw the little box and they are gorgeous. I thought it was very sweet of him seeing as I just got my ears pierced back in December. :) I got Phil an assortment of British candies and put them in a Valentines Day tin. I also made him Tres Leches is a heart shaped cooking tin it turned out really good! It was also very tasty if I do say so myself. :) I know candies compared to diamond earings doesn't sound equal but I have something special planned for our anniversary. :)

Sophia also turned 14 months old yesterday! Where does the time go. It seems just like yesterday I was planning her 1st birthday party. Here are a few things she is doing now: babbling a lot but saying more and more words everyday
Her newest thing is to twirl(spin round and round) especially when she has a dress on :)
She drinks from a regular cup now with a straw I don't have to take sippy cups with me anymore
She still LOVES the teletubbies
She dances a little now it looks more like a bounce but she only does it when the music comes on
She likes to feed herself with a spoon now but isn't very good at it :)
She likes to bring me things

We go for her 15 month checkup next month which I'm not looking forward to. She is suppose to get a couple of shots and it breaks my heart to see her cry like that. She recognizes the Dr. Office now and doesn't like it one bit. :) Sophia's ear infection is much better now also. We still have a few more days of the antibiotic but she isn't rubbing it quite as much. Well it is bath time here I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

Daddy's little Valentine

Valentines Day. Phil got Sophia a purple puppy. :)

Look Maga I can talk into my cell phone. So what if it is upside down. :)

Hiding from mommy!

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