Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Playing with Phil's new Camera lens

Well we still don't have a whole lot going on around here. Phil and I had to take Sophia to the doctor today she had been rubbing her ears on her shoulders and I was afraid she might be getting an ear infection. When we got there the doctor confirmed it. She said it wasn't to bad yet and gave us some antibiotics to start her on. Other than that we are both looking forward to Valentines Day which is tomorrow but Phil and I are celebrating on Friday. When you have to find a babysitter it is quite a bit harder to go out on the actual day. :) We are going to go to the Senoia Coffee Company this year they are having a really nice dinner and entertainment. I think our friends Emorie and Fernando are going to meet us there so it should be a lot of fun.
Anywho...I was playing with Phil's new camera lens today and thought I would show off my work. It isn't great because the new lens is manual focus and I'm used to the ones where you press down and it will focus for you. They turned out pretty good anyway. :)

Sophia enjoying a banana. She had just finished her mac and cheese so that is why her lips are a bit orange. :)

Oh we must share our banana!

Yummy milk! She had zoned out and I thought she looked pretty.

Phil trying to wipe her face. To funny!

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