Monday, February 11, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things

Since both Phil and I have been out of commission this week we haven't been doing a whole lot so I thought I would show you some of Sophia's favorite things. A lot of these were given to us by family and friends. Thank you all she has really loved everything you have given to her.
Here we have a singing bear, prayer bunny, "Who's Hatching?" sliding book, a picture of Isabella, animal pop up, the many moods of babies, and a cheaping chick.

Sophia with her favorite drink grape juice. Look she is drinking from a straw!

A favorite activity of hers after she is done eating is to tease Cleveland with food and will most of the time give him what she doesn't want.

The drink that helps mommy and daddy through the day! Also one of Sophia's favorite because it makes mommy and daddy a lot more fun. :)


Lana said...

Yeah, I'm glad the straw thing is working out! That's the exact cups Jackson started with. They're great.

Martha said...

I am so honored to know that the "Baby Mood Book" is on Sophia's list of favorite things. You know, you almost didn't get that book. There was only one when I bought it and I almost kept it for us. Ha! By the way, the "Mallory the Monkey" you gave us is on Nora's list of favorite things.