Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chef Sophia

Sophia has recently discovered the joy of cooking. She mostly likes to help mix things up for me. The other day I was making a cream sauce and she helped me saute an onion and she thought she was hot stuff doing that. :) She also recently received an apron from Publix's preschool Pals in the mail. This is just a newsletter that Publix sends out and they usually put something in the envelope for the kids. This time it was an apron and as soon as she got it she wanted to put it on and test it out.

Well we didn't have anything to cook that day seeing as we were going to a friends house for dinner but we did have a leftover roll of cookie dough. :) Phil pre-heated the oven and sliced it up for her. As soon as he was done she got to put the dough onto the baking sheet and when they came out she loaded them up with green sprinkles! So here are a few pictures of our chef in training.

The cookie dough all sliced and ready for little fingers.

Laying out the dough very carefully...kinda sorta. :)

She saw daddy eat some of the dough and decided she would like to try it too.

Phil making some fancy cookies for us. :)

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