Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Day Wrap Up

For Thanksgiving this year we went down to my parent's house in St. Marys. The trip down there went surprisingly well seeing as we didn't have our DVD player. It broke recently and I thought I was going to have to hear a whining/crying toddler for at least three of the five hours it takes to drive down there. :) She did great though and colored,did puzzles and listened to her Tiny Tunes CD...oh and had a little bit of a nap as well.

When we got there we went to my sisters house for yummy meatball subs and soup that my mom had made. The food was delicious and the best part was getting to watch Sophia play with her three cousins. She loves her cousin Josh and he is just one year older than her so they like to play the same games. Although I think she wore him out this night playing chase. :)

Thanksgiving day we woke up and got dressed so we could take Sophia to the park while everyone finished up cooking. We took a few pictures of her at some of the major landmarks in St. Marys including the church that Phil and I were married in. It is so special to me to take her back there...she has been a few times before but of course wont remember them. We continued walking downtown and there was a kind old man on the pier feeding pigeons he graciously gave Sophia some bread and let her feed them as well. She loved it..the pigeons weren't to sure of her though. Toddlers can be a little to gung ho on doing things they like! :) We finally made it to the park and let her play for a bit. We still had like an hour and a half to do something so we decided to drive to the beach and let Sophia see the water. She has never been to the beach and we were curious to see what she would think. It was well worth the trip she absolutely LOVED it! When she came over the crest of the dune she said "Oh mommy it so beautiful!"

We left pretty quick after she got to pick up a few seashells for nanny. We went back to my moms house for lunch and it was as delicious as always. We had some great time spent with the nephews. Phil went out and played with the boys and their air soft guns. Undoubtedly they had a lot of fun because they were dirty when they got back. :) The next day we left and I wasn't as nervous this time riding back. Sophia did great again. We were going to stop at the bass pro to get her picture with Santa but Santa didn't arrive until 5 and we passed by there at 4. After driving for so many hours already we were just ready to go home and are going to take her back another day. Please don't think we are weird for taking our daughter to bass pro to get her picture with Santa...we really don't go there often or really at all but they have one of the best Santa's around and the pictures are FREE! Most places sell packages these days.

Anyway here are a few pictures from our trip. I hope everyone else had a good Thanksgiving too!

Sophia outside the church Phil and I were married in. She told me this is how she wanted to pose. :)

I just thought this made a sweet picture.

Orange Hall in St. Marys Georgia. She asked me if this was a castle. :)

Sophia's first look at the ocean!

Taking a closer look...I did offer to take her shoes and tights off. She didn't want to but later she decided she would lay down in the sand...go figure.

Okay so this isn't normally how a dress Sophia. She had on a different shirt that goes with those crazy pants...This is her Thanksgiving shirt she made at school..then on top of that is a sweater because it was cool outside that day. So she looks a little like a bag lady. :) Oh yea that is her cousin Josh we were trying to get a picture of the two of them together...this is the best.

Attempt number two...Sophia kept acting like she was going to kiss him so he didn't want to stand next to her. :)

Taking a stroll.

My mom bought Sophia a ballerina dress up dress for her birthday. Can you tell she loves it. :)

On the way sweet angel.

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