Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our First Pig Roast

The pig roast idea all started after Sophia's birthday party. We went out to dinner afterwards with the Nunos and Phil and Luis started talked about different family traditions and less than a month later we were roasting a pig in the Senoia park.

They were able to get a pig from the local butcher and the rest of the details I'm not really sure about. It did involve Phil going over to his friends Justin's house to weld a rack to put the pig on, some fire and a lot of sitting around waiting.

We invited a lot of our friends to come out and help us eat all the pork most of them still had family in town and couldn't make it but we did get some takers and we had a lot of fun. Even though it was freezing cold! We had good food, friends, and fun!

The pig all wrapped up...I wont show you what it looked like before it was cooked. He wasn't very cute.

Yum! The finished product.

Meat, meat and more meat!

The boys responsible! Phil, Luis and Justin

Sneaking a taste!

I took this picture of Sam and thought it was pretty cute. It's hard not to take a good picture of this little man.

Phil took this one while he was sitting around waiting on the pig to cook. I thought it was pretty.

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