Friday, December 18, 2009

Pre-School Christmas Program

Yesterday was Sophia's Christmas school program. She did a great job better than I ever expected her to do. First of all I wasn't sure if she would even stay up there once she saw Phil and I but she did. She sang most of the songs and did a lot of the motions to the songs. I assumed they would probably be singing Jingle Bells since she has been singing it all week and has had me put it on repeat in the truck when we are going anywhere. They did sing it and she shook her bell for all its worth! :) After they got done singing we went to her classroom for her party which was basically a snack but she enjoyed it and they got to have food they normally don't get. She seems to really be enjoying school and the teachers say that she does really well. Especially since she has started sitting on the potty for them!! Finally some progress but she told me yesterday that she would sit on Mrs. Schultz potty (her teacher) but not the potty at home. :)

These pictures are kinda far away because Phil had to go stand in the balcony to get any. There were a lot of parents wanting to get pictures of there kids...and you would be amazed at the silly faces parents will make. It looked like we were all meeting someone famous! :)

I think she is making a Christmas tree motion here. I think this is the song she really liked and I have never ever heard it so I can't sing it for her.

Party time...The little boy in the blue is her friend Tyler that we hear about all the time. :)

Being a silly girl with her pretzels.


Gary, Megan and Beth said...
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Gary, Megan and Beth said...

Thank you for the pictures. She looks so cute in her dress. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.

The Popes said...

Where did you get her dress!?!?! It is SO cute!