Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Potty Time!

Well we have finally made some progress with Sophia's potty training. Before today she wouldn't even consider sitting on the potty. I'm not sure what happened when she was younger but she has always seemed scared of the potty.

Well today with a little help from Santa and a little bribery with M&Ms (our last resort) she has finally sat on the potty and actually peed in it several times!! We are very proud of her and I think she is proud of herself. She has done great at home but she is a little distracted out in public restrooms. There are so many things to play with and ask questions about. :)

This is the first and last picture I got of Sophia on the potty. After I took this picture she wanted me to close the door and has asked for the door closed every time since then. :) I guess we all want a bit of privacy. :)

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