Sunday, December 6, 2009

Through the years....

I always love looking back at all the pictures we have taken at the Senoia Christmas Parade. They always bring back so many memories. I thought I would share them with here is a look through the years.

Phil and I in 2005. Look how young we look! :) Three months later I would find out that I was expecting!

December 2006...I would be going in to have Sophia on December 18th...just a few short days away from when this picture was taken.

December 2007. We had just celebrated Sophia's first birthday with friends and family. This was a very happy day!

December 2008. Sophia is two here..and a very uncooperative model! :)

December 2009. I think we look very festive here...and Sophia is a much more cooperative model these days! :)

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