Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Late Weekend Wrap Up!

So this post is really late seeing as it is Friday now! Oh well here is a little wrap up of what we did last weekend.

On Saturday it was definitely a party day for the kiddos! We started off by going to a birthday party for Sophia's friend Brooke. It was held at A Place to Play. Very similar to the jump place that we took Sophia but this place also had hard slides and tubes to play in. We had a great time catching up with our friends and I know Sophia did getting to play with her friends. She just had a bit of a problem getting up one of the platforms but the other kids were nice and would help her up it. Eventually she just got to were she would stand there until someone would come along and help her instead of figuring out how to get up it herself...not sure what was up with that. Guess she figured it was easier that way. :)

This is Lorelie, Sophia and Reagan going down the slides. Phil decided to show the kids how they could sit on their jackets and make it faster...that really started something then. :)


Later that night we went to our church for the Jesus Lambs Christmas Party! This year it was Polar Express themed. They had a lot of toy trains out that Sophia loved, they had hot chocolate, made a Christmas list and then got to meet Santa himself! We had a lot of fun and the ladies that organized it out did themselves!

This is the kids riding the Polar Express up to the North Pole. They were listening to the story being read to them.

I just thought this was really cute! An impromptu dance around the tree...Sophia is on the other side. :)

She wasn't scared of Santa at all this year!

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